Oktoberfest supplies at Aldi supermarket

Planning to have your own Oktoberfest celebration?  Well the German supermarket chain Aldi is a good source of supplies.  Each year around this time they stock some specialty Oktoberfest items and this year is no different.

Aldi special buys starting Wednesday 23rd September include German style beer steins  and glasses.  The 1 litre and 500ml steins are the traditional dimpled glass style.  Also available are a few German foods popular around Oktoberfest including Potato Rösti, german mustards, sauerkraut and red cabbage and peanut puffs.

Some imported German beers are sure to pop up sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled.

See the Aldi catalogue here.

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One Response to Oktoberfest supplies at Aldi supermarket

  1. Hermina Schaap-Russeler says:

    It would be nice if Aldi would put some recipes up for the sauerkraut that they sell under the name Oktoberfest. It doesn’t say on the jar that it is ready to eat or still needs to be cooked.

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